Play is the Way Logo“PLAY IS THE WAY is a practical methodology for teaching social and emotional learning using guided play, classroom activities and an empowering language.”

Christies Beach Primary School have been using the Play Is The Way program since Term 4, 2010 as the cornerstone of our Behaviour Education program. "Play Is The Way” has three key elements.

1.  PHYSICALLY INTERACTIVE GAMES (that both require and develop personal and social capabilities).

Students play the games three times per week. The games are fast paced and often require great concentration. The games may cause students to experience feelings of frustration or anger when they cannot succeed immediately so students have to develop strategies to persevere and cope when things are difficult. Acknowledging the range of emotions that may be experienced allows students to see that many people feel like they do and we learn how to manage our feelings so that we can stay in control of our own behaviour.

2.  FIVE KEY CONCEPTS (that serve as a moral compass and are embedded through classroom activities).

The key concepts offer guidance in relation to interactions with others and are relevant both at school and in the broader community. The classroom activities are designed so that students can examine the key concepts that guide “Play Is the Way.”

3.  A SELF-REFLECTIVE LANGUAGE (that helps children to master their behaviour).

The self-reflective language is empowering because it works so well in giving the students a shared understanding and this allows for meaningful discussions to be held in relation to behaviour education and self-regulation.

PLAY IS THE WAY invites teachers to guide children using wisdom and not force. It believes in behaviour education not behaviour management.

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