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Abigail Lavender


I would like to introduce myself as the Autism Inclusion Teacher (AIT) for Christies Beach Primary School. I currently teach Year 1/2 and have taken on this exciting new role for 2023 every Wednesday.

Autism Inclusion Teachers are a new, nation-leading, initiative which aims to build teacher understanding and knowledge around supporting children and young people with autism. Each public primary school in South Australia has appointed an Autism Inclusion Teacher who will guide and support their staff in developing best practice whilst teaching and engaging with students who are on the autism spectrum. It is important to note that the AIT role does not include working directly with students with autism at the school.

I am currently working with other AITs, from a variety of school sites across the Noarlunga region, to develop and build upon my current knowledge of working with students with autism. Recently, I participated in a two-day where Professor Barry Carpenter engaged us in developing our understanding of wellbeing and neurodiversity. This intensive two day conference highlighted the importance of using a strength-based approach whilst working with students with autism. This included research linked to incorporating a student on the autism spectrum’s particular interest into daily teaching routines as a means to motivate and further engage in their learning. For more information, please visit the Department for Education’s website to find out more about improving support for children and students with autism.


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