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Positive Behaviour for Learning

Christies Beach Primary School is a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) school. This approach to behaviour and learning has increased student engagement and helped to build a strong sense of community. PBL explicitly teaches students what is expected from them at different times and spaces in the school. The focus is then given to the students who are consistently doing the right thing and they are acknowledged for their efforts.


As part of this approach we have 3 universal values.

Families Handbook

The 3 universals that underpin all of our expectations of students are:

We Aim High, We are Responsible, We are Resilient.

The behaviour matrix identifies the specific behaviours that are taught and expected at Christies Beach Primary School.

As part of PBL, Christies Beach Primary School, has introduced a number of initiatives to acknowledge positive student behaviour around the school. We have introduced a Whole School Huddle at the beginning of the day where we come together as a school community and share news and good things that are happening in our school and for our students. Throughout the school day students can receive recognition in a variety of ways for positive behaviour (see the PBL families handbook for more information).


We Aim High
We are Responsible
We are Resilient

In 2023, Christies Beach Primary School were a part of the first phase of the statewide PBL implementation pilot programs in Department for Education schools. As part of this process we have realigned and adapted our school values and universal expectations to better represent our school community as a whole. 

Collectively our community made the decision to link our values to our new house team names which are outlined below. These team names were developed using Kaurna language, with support from Jack Buckskin. 

  • Tirntu (Sun) – linking to our expectation of WE AIM HIGH (ambition) 
  • Wara (Sand) – linking to our expectation of WE ARE RESPONSIBLE (responsibility) 
  • Yarlu (Sea) – liking to our value of WE ARE RESILIENT (resilience) 

The students, staff and greater community have worked collaboratively to develop a program and culture that promotes positive behaviour. 

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